about me

I was born overseas in Germany on a military base while my pops was serving in the Air Force. He hooked me up with my first video camera the type that took vas to record to. Later on in college he gave me his black and white Minolta to get busy in the darkroom with. I seriously picked up digital when I worked for 50 cent at G-unit in 2009. The gift to myself was a Canon 7D. From there music video gigs became frequent and then once arriving in Japan to DJ in 2013 Instagram made me kick up my craft a notch.

Equipment Used-
Canon 5D Mark IV
DJI Mavic Pro 2
DJI Osmo Pocket
Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

Even though growing up all over the world every summer my parents shipped me back to New York for the summers. Trying to achieve dramatic aerials with dark street portraits is what my style represents. The aura of the realness and grit of Manhattan and other international cities.

Who we are

HeyFoti is a digital media company specializing in video and photo projects.

Brands we have worked with are CNNCTD, SBE Group, Dashing Diva and Umami Burger. HeyFoti was conceived as an innovative and creative alternative to trusting your company with old suits, dry creative leads, weak marketing strategies that epitomize the corporate landscape. At HeyFoti the belief is that bright ideas can only flourish in a bright mind. Since 2006, HeyFoti has been reinventing the modern creative affluence of New York City , street culture and world wide art.